Yes, but not nearly as much as other in states in the United States of America.

This is not intended to be a political post, but rather a highlight of how Wyoming might be affected by the immigration policies that are being highly debated by our country's leaders and our citizens.

Wyoming has the smallest population of any state in the US and has an even smaller number of immigrant residents.   When it comes to our state's economy as compared to other states, Wyoming employers relatively very little on foreign born workers.

In fact, a recent report by Wallethub shows that Wyoming benefits very little from immigrant workers ranking 47th in the country.  Wallethub used information from 18 indicators that ranged from immigrant owned businesses to median household income of each state's foreign born population.

Wyoming ranks 47th for percentage of economic contribution of international students per capita. 47th in the nation for jobs created by the presence of international students and 49th in the country for innovation and intellectual gain from foreign born residents.

Here are the 5 states that are most affected by our nations immigration policies:

5 - District of Columbia, 4 - Massachusetts, 3 - New York, 2 - New Jersey, with 1 -California being the most influenced state by our countries immigration policies.

The 5 states least affected by the nations immigration policies are:

47 - WYOMING, 48 - Louisiana, 49 - South Dakota, 50 - Kentucky and the least affected state in the union is 51 - Mississippi.

Source: Wallethub


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