For years, I have made the winter journey to my cabin for an annual event. With ice fishing being the main purpose of the trip, the icing on the cake is the annual maggot races.

As some may know, maggots are a popular bait for ice anglers during the winter. As gross as they may be, the fish always seem to have a hunger for the squirming little fly larva. Each February, a small group of ice fisherman gather around a bar in remote Wyoming and bet on prize winning thoroughbred maggots. It is a great way to get out of the cold and create our own version of "The Wild World of Sports."

Each angler picks the "feistiest" maggot from there bait box. Using a non-toxic marker, you place a different colored dot on each of the contenders. You then trace a circle around a shot glass in the middle of a piece of paper, with a larger circle on the outskirts of the paper. Place all the racers into the shot glass, shake, and turn upside down onto the center circle. After a few moments, place your bets and lift the glass. The first maggot to wiggle it's way to the outer line WINS.

It may be the weirdest thing you have ever seen, but is totally one of those things that makes you say "ONLY IN WYOMING."

But, the sport does seem to be pretty popular in Australia, as you will see in the following video.

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