What does Ground Hog Day mean to Wyoming? Is your answer, “Uh, pretty much nothing.” According to the Washington Post, Punxsutawney Phil is, “131 years of fake news.” Another headline reads, “Punxsutawney Phil Has Spoken." Uh, no he didn’t – speak. Doctor Dolittle was fiction too.

Why would we in the Cowboy State care about Pennsylvania weather while we get six more weeks of winter after every February 2nd. Did some of us laugh when there was big news about other parts of the country getting real wintery weather? I know, it's because that's where the people are (too many people). Otherwise, do we care? One thing we can always promise in Wyoming. It'll be windy.

Did you know a ground hog is the same thing as a woodchuck?  And it’s amazing how much they look just like a ground squirrel or what we call “prairie dog.”