Wyoming sure does have some uniquely named towns. We have our Meeteetse, Kemmerer, Sundance, and Bairoil - all pretty unique names. But thinking about the Cowboy State's interestingly named towns had me wondering: is Laramie a uniquely named place? How many other cities in the country share our city's name?

So, I started digging. And as it turns out, Laramie does have a unique name.

Does Wyoming Have the Only City Called "Laramie"?

Laramie students learn early on that the Gem City of the Plains was named for the French-Canadian trapper and explorer Jacques LaRamie.

LaRamie was one of the first Europeans to explore the area that became Laramie, though the trapper's exploration led to his eventual disappearance in the mountains around Laramie. American settlers to the site chose to name their new city after LaRamie - though they dropped the French spelling in favor of "Laramie."

Several areas around the city of Laramie share Jacques' name. But according to the website placesnamed.com and geotarget.comno other city in the world bears the name "Laramie." So yes, Wyoming does have the only city called Laramie.

Then I got to thinking if there aren't any other cities called Laramie, do other things share our city's name? So once again, I asked the internet, and it delivered. Wikipedia has a list of all the places called "Laramie," and again, Laradise is the only city with that name, but there are a few people, places, and things around the country that share Jacques' name with us.

7+ Places and Things Called "Laramie"

Check out the interesting places and things that share a name with Laramie, WY!


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