When we measure the power of a vehicle these days, we refer to how much horse power it has. Based on a new video share, perhaps we should also figure out how much dog power it has as that's what got a Colorado truck up a hill.

This happened about a week and a half ago in Bond, Colorado. If you're not familiar with where that's at, it's in the heart of the state. Gorgeous country there.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

The driver heading downhill noticed an interesting sight coming up the hill. It was a sled dog team pulling a truck.

That's impressive. How much weight can a sled dog team pull? Answer: a lot. Dog Tails by Dogwatch estimates that each dog can pull 85 pounds. Let's do some math. By my count, there are 16 dogs on that team. That means these bad boys can haul over 1,300 pounds. Get er done.

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Based on the condition of that truck, I'd estimate he's better off letting the dogs get him where he needs to go as they're likely faster and more reliable than whatever old engine just failed in that truck.

One comment on YouTube said this looked like a car sleigh. All I can say is well done team. You deserve a break and a box load of dog treats.

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