Wyoming voters, another candidate has joined the race for the sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, and he is a felon.

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Jackson resident Casey William Hardison, formerly known as the “Drugs Wizard,” has announced he is running up against Liz Cheney, Harriet Hageman, and others as an independent.
There are, however, several things that could cause issues for the hopeful politician.
Hardison is currently in the midst of appealing a felony marijuana delivery case, landing him a year in jail in 2021. Before this, he spent nine years in a British prison for running a psychedelic drug ring, being found three counts of producing hallucinogenic drugs.
But why would a wizard run for office? For Hardison, it's the first step towards the presidency. His hope is that, by gaining the public eye for this election, he will have the publicity necessary for him to begin his journey to be the next president of the United State.
And though this current felony case could put a pause for his run as a representative, if it is not appealed and he serves his sentence, he will be able to run for president.
He runs on an interesting platform, with his main objective being to focus on decriminalizing drugs. His reasoning behind this is, if these drugs were regulated, the danger of street drugs currently would be erased, especially the danger which comes from drugs that may contain fentanyl.
Along with this, he wants to "demilitarize" the police, honor a woman's right to choose, and stop what he sees as government overreach.
All in all, Hardison labels his politics as classically libertarian, hoping to break out of the two-party system, which puts some of his views at odds with a majority of the Wyoming people.
He has some beef with Representative Cheney, seeing her as a neoconservative, though he does agree with her in regard to Trump.
With his criminal past and libertarian mindset, Hardison hopes that this will set him apart from other candidates for the better.

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