While the state of Wyoming doesn't have the most diverse population, it may be a bit more mixed than you thought.

According to WalletHub.com, the Equality State ranks 38th in the nation for diversity, which albeit is pretty low, but it could be worse.

Topping the list of most-diverse states in America, in order, are: California, Texas, Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York.

There are 11 states with less-diversity than Wyoming and those include: Utah, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and in last place, West Virginia.

Wyoming scored relativity low on most categories in WalletHub's rankings. Wyoming ranks worst in the nation for education attainment diversity in their study. Wyoming is tied for third for the number of people who graduate high school, but the state ranks 40th for those with college degrees. However, it placed second in the nation in "Economic Diversity."


Source: WalletHub

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