Sometimes I see people do naïve things with wildlife and it's funny to me. Other times, I witness stupidity that angers me. This is that second one. It's a guy who decided it was a good idea to feed a biscuit to a bear. He nearly paid dearly for that dumb decision.

The fact is he might be killing the bear. More on that soon. It happened in a very bear-intensive area in Tennessee near Pigeon Forge. Before I lay into this dude's decision making, here's what he had to say for himself:

Some friends and I were hanging out at the top of the Smokies Mountains at our cabin. I heard footsteps behind me and the bear was about 10 feet from me. I started recording and feeding the bear some food. My friend Nick grabbed a biscuit and I told him to hand feed the bear, surprisingly the bear took the biscuit like a dog, then shortly after the video ended I got charged by the bear. Luckily nobody was hurt.

I truly feel sorry for this bear. See if you react the same way. NOTE: the video does NOT show the part where the bear charges the guy after getting the food.

I have no doubt this guy means no harm. I agree that bears are fascinating animals and can even be cute. One comment on YouTube summed up my feelings also:

Chuck Napier - "If a child or elderly person gets malled or even killed or even consumed, activities like these should be to blame. Creating a lack of fear of humans among these very strong, fast and deadly creatures will most likely lead to a horrible situation."

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Now, how this guy probably unintentionally killed this bear. CNN shared a story a couple years ago about a black bear who had to be euthanized because he became acclimated to people feeding it and trying to take selfies. I also agree with Chuck that if this animal ends up maiming someone, this guy should be held responsible.

Feeding a bear is never ever a good idea. Ever.

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