I'm almost embarrassed to share this. I said "almost". A new ranking confirms what most of us already know. Wyoming has more hunters than just about any other state because DUH.

This non-breaking news alert comes courtesy of the website Stacker. They used 4 different methods of measurement and by just about all counts, Wyoming is about as good as it gets for hunting. Here's how they broke it down:

- Percent of residents with paid hunting licenses
- Total paid hunting license holders
- Total hunting license, tags, permits and stamps
- Gross cost of all hunting licenses

The numbers for all 4 of those categories are pretty spectacular for our state. 22.7% of Wyomingites have paid hunting licenses. There are well over 130,000 residents that are paid license holders. Wyoming also is shown as having a quarter million tags, permits and stamps. Sounds about right.

All of Wyoming hunting licenses put together amount to over $26 million dollars according to the Stacker article.

The fact that Wyoming is among the top dogs as far as hunting goes isn't shocking. We rank as #2 among hunting states. The big question is which state outdoes us? The answer to that is South Dakota based on what they shared. That's almost solely due to the fact that a whopping 24% of South Dakota residents have camo and orange clothing handy just about any day of the year.

Check out the full Stacker article for more hunting info that most of us in Wyoming already knew.

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