Brr... anyone else dreaming of hot chocolate today? Frigid temperatures definitely make hot cocoa taste 100 times better, in my book. And free hot cocoa? Now that tastes a million times better, am I right?

Laramie Range Ford must agree with me because tomorrow, they're handing out free hot chocolate and hosting an ornament craft night. Everyone's invited to share in this fabulously festive event!

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Ornament Craft Night at Laramie Range Ford

The team at Laramie Range Ford invites the Gem City to enjoy an evening of cocoa and crafting from 4 to 6 p.m. Every ornament will receive a place of honor on the dealership's Christmas tree for years to come! In addition, for every ornament made, the dealership will donate $5 to Cathedral Home. Bring your sweet tooth - there's a DIY coca bar curated by Nick's Cowboy Catering.

"We look forward to having you and seeing your creations that we'll proudly display on our tree for years to come!" said a representative from Laramie Range Ford.

About Cathedral Home

Cathedral Home (4989 N 3rd St. Laramie, WY) is an advocacy group dedicated to helping youth in Wyoming. They offer services such as mental health counseling, youth mentoring, and family case management. Additionally, Cathedral Home operates a residential and educational facility in Laramie. The program helps youth overcome life challenges ranging from emotional crises to urgent safety concerns.

For more information on Cathedral Home, click here or reach out to their team at

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