The folks at the Farmers’ Almanac have again worked their weather magic, and they are saying that spring 2020 will probably be wet and chilly.

The seasons will officially change on Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 9:50 PM MDT with the arrival of the vernal equinox. Besides the end of winter, another cool fact about the vernal equinox is that it's when our days start to get longer than the nights, more daylight!

In Wyoming, we all know that the start of spring doesn't automatically end our love/hate relationship with snow. After all, we routinely get snow in May. But according to the Almanac, spring on the high plain is looking to be wet and chilly.

"According to our long-range outlook, spring will be slow to start with winter lingering across the Midwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, and New England...During the first week of April across the Plains states and parts of the Southwest, there may be a threat of strong-to-severe weather, with some storms capable of spawning tornado activity. Temperatures will run somewhat cool for most regions, even into June." -Farmer's Almanac

Graphic courtesy Farmers’ Almanac
Graphic courtesy Farmers’ Almanac

You have to remember though that is certain in weather when looking this far out. The Farmers’ Almanac predictions are based on history, weather patterns, climatic data, and their own formulas.

The last spring frost in Cheyenne usually comes in mid-May. If this forecast holds true we should be expecting a slow transition from snow to sun in Wyoming.

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