Have the fire alarms ever gone off at your work and forced everyone to evacuate?

Toward the end of my shift on Wednesday, November 27, the fire alarms at the ANB bank started buzzing and flashing. I thought about trying to stay in the KING studio to finish my last 45 minutes on the air but the alarms were so mind-numbingly loud I plugged my ears and headed down the stairs. There really could be a fire in the building, I reminded myself.Once outside in the cold, what seemed like the entire Cheyenne Fire Department began to arrive. The firefighters swarmed on the scene and found the source of the alarm in the building's penthouse where a room had begun overheating and set off the alarms.

The annoying fire alarms were finally silenced and the freezing employees were allowed to return to work. This time it turned out there was no fire, but it is reassuring knowing that the alarms were triggered and the Fire Department responded quickly.

With all the cooking going on in kitchens across the country on Thanksgiving, make sure all your fire alarms are working and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.