Here in Cheyenne, we have the best of both worlds; a small town that's close to big city amenities.

We can drive to Denver to see a game, concert or catch a flight, but we don't have to deal with the traffic, crime and outrageous cost of living. As convenient as our Front Range location is, there are a few businesses that would definitely make life a little better here in the Capital City.

Here's five businesses that, we think, could thrive here in Cheyenne:

1. An Old West Saloon - Thousands of tourists come to Cheyenne every year in search of an authentic old west experience. Sadly, there isn't one single bar or tavern that caters to them. For a city that was founded on saloons, gambling halls and houses of ill repute, it's a shame we don't have at least one place downtown that truly represents our history.

2. Whole Foods - Sure we have Natural Grocers on Frontier Mall Drive, but we could really use a Whole Foods (and a Trader Joe's for that matter). I know a bunch of people, myself included, who will drive all the way to Fort Collins just to shop there. Not only does is it healthier, but for some strange reason, chicken just tastes a little better when it costs $8 per pound.

3. An Outdoors Super Store - For a state with as many hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts as Wyoming has, it's a shame the nearest Cabela's store is 85 miles away in Thornton, Colorado. While our population probably isn't big enough to support a Bass Pro Shop, if Billings, Montana, can have a Cabela's and a Scheel's store, a similar store could do well in Cheyenne.

4.  Uber - Back in December, the popular ride-sharing service issued a call for drivers here in Cheyenne. Unfortunately, there hasn't been enough interest yet for the company to officially open up shop in Cheyenne. When, and if, that happens, it could give visitors more options getting around town and help keep drunk drivers off the road.

5. An Upscale Italian Restaurant - With all due respect to L'Osteria Mondello's, who makes the best pizza in town, there isn't a great Italian restaurant in Cheyenne. A place similar to Bisetti's or Enzio's in Fort Collins would fill a much needed void for diners who are looking for something different than the Olive Garden or other national chains.




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