There is a belief among some that many Californians move to Wyoming to try and change things. I have a new video that proves that isn't always the case. It's a former Californian who is impressed that cattle in Wyoming get a police escort.

So much to love about this. Here's what the driver said about what he witnessed in Riverton, Wyoming a couple weeks ago:

I have lived in Wyoming for 28 years. I was raised in California. Every day living here reminds me more and more why I want to live here. Snowstorm and all. I love the people the communities and the small-town life.

This is a cattle drive through a city the way it should be.

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Sure, it's interesting to see cattle getting protected treatment by law enforcement in Wyoming. However, I'd like to focus on what the former Californian said about it. Isn't it interesting that our approach to life in the Cowboy state is the reason they moved here in the first place? They obviously love it as they've been here almost 3 decades now.

Some of the comments on YouTube were amazed that anyone would be out working on a day where the weather is going nuts. They obviously don't live in Wyoming since this is the type of weather we call "Tuesday". We take that kind of stuff in stride.

As for this transplant Californian, so much appreciate the sentiment of someone who was seeking a simpler life and got it where we live, too.

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