There's a brand new video that shows what a man believes to be Yellowstone grizzlies fighting. However, I'm pretty sure this is not fury, but fun instead. I'll show you and you can decide.

Since this guy on YouTube has very few followers, almost no one has seen this yet. It's two large grizzlies "fighting" as he says in his video, but I'm pretty sure this is just harmless sparring. See for yourself.

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For the sake of comparison, this is a real grizzly fight in Yellowstone National Park a few years ago. Compare that intensity to this one.

My take is that these are two relatively mature male grizzlies having a playful spar. No doubt it's preparation for future battles with rivals, but I think this encounter is harmless. As we've seen in the past, territorial disputes between large bears like this tend to leave one in not great shape with the scars to prove it.

No matter if this is sparring or fighting, another genuine Yellowstone National Park moment with the wildlife living the wild life. Wouldn't want it any other way and it's nice to get a brief glimpse at these predators preparing for spring.

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