I've seen grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park do just about everything. It wasn't until today that I've never seen one sleeping. Thanks to a new video share by a very recent visitor to the park, I can now put a check in that box, too.

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BE Judson just shared this sedate grizzly bear moment on their YouTube channel. Here are the details of what they witnessed:

Near Obsidian Cliffs and Roaring Mountain lives a Grizzly Bear Boar caught napping on a sunny bank after several snowy, blustery days. He only resettles with a yawn and some scratching of itches before dozing back off.

This big boy wakes up just long enough to scratch a couple of issues, then it's back to bear dream land.

According to Fauna Facts, bears are short power sleepers averaging only around 4 to 6 hours per day. They say when and how much these apex predators sleep depends on how hungry they are and what other predators might be nearby. It's not easy being a bear.

If you think this Yellowstone bear nap is unusual, a couple of years ago, a guy found a family of bears sleeping in his front yard.

I'm not sure I would trust that he's really sleeping. Those eyes look open and perhaps surveying potential meals.

BE Judson is definitely worth a follow on YouTube as they frequently share lots of great Yellowstone wildlife content.

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