Amidst some bad news for businesses lately, i.e. Sheridan’s K-Mart being  scheduled to close in September. Casper and Cheyenne have seen doors closed as well. At least there is some good news for a change, and maybe more in the pipeline.

According to Rachelle Zimmerman at CheyenneLEADS, a United Kingdom business, Truweigh LLC is expanding to America, via Cheyenne. It is of massive scale for tiny scales. 27,000 square feet big.

Truweigh provides miniscales to wholesalers throughout the United States.

 “These small scales have endless uses including portion control in food and diet, inventory control by small parts counting, weighing jewelry and precious metals, and measuring powder for applications such as reloading ammunition.”

Truweigh is locating to a 27,000 square foot warehouse on the west side of Cheyenne.


Calibrating a miniscale

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