You read that right! This week marks the beginning of multiple weeks of Oktoberfest. If you have no idea what Oktoberfest is, you're in luck. I am a Cheyenne aficionado of Oktoberfest. I'll be your guide. After last year, I feel I have become a great authority of at least knowing how it works, and this year, will be even better!

Downtown Cheyenne Oktoberfest

This is coming in fast, the return of the Downtown Cheyenne Oktoberfest will kick off this Saturday starting at noon and running until 6pm. More details have come out about the festival as we've gotten closer. Like normal, Sierra Nevada will be in house with their Oktoberfest brew, they're also bringing their Helles Lager as well. Very cool. They'll also have food trucks, a stein hoisting competition, three bands(including the Pearl Jam cover band that was at the Brewers Festival) and you can get a ceremonial mug. So get ready Saturday.

Danielmark's Brewing & Fire Fights Water Presents: Oktoberfest-In Beer And Boreholes We Trust

Also kicking off Saturday from 1pm-10pm, Danielmark's is bringing the oompa with their own Oktoberfest celebration. These guys know how to party and they're set to have new beers, a cornhole tournament, live music and more.

Oktoberfest At Black Tooth

This was easily my favorite Oktoberfest celebration of 2020. Black Tooth is great at throwing an Oktoberfest party and you'll find out yourself if you head over to their taproom next Saturday from Noon to 11pm. They'll have mugs and das boots for sale, which we bought one of each last year. Their Oktoberfest is great, and last year, they had a really solid German Pilsner(I haven't seen anything on 2021 though). They'll have costume contests, raffles, live music and more.

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Accomplice Beer Company Oktoberfest

According to my source(if you know, you know) Accomplice is set to have an Oktoberfest the weekend of October 2nd. There aren't any details to share at this moment since they're a couple weeks out. I'll update as I learn more.

Dogtoberfest At Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

Running up the end of the Oktoberfest celebrations will be Freedom's Edge and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter's Dogtoberfest. This was a lot of fun last year and the running of the wiener dogs was just plain fun. This will go on from 1pm to 4pm on October 23rd. Freedom's Edge will have a special beer for the occasion, last year it was Hair of the Dog, it was fantastic.

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