Today, September 28th is National Drink Beer Day! And what a time it is for a cold one after the first nine months (almost) of the spectacle of the year that has been 2020.

2020 has felt like it's lasted a decade already. Days have blended together. A pandemic is still ongoing. The sky looked like it was on fire over the past weekend. We've almost forgotten about the murder hornets that everyone was talking about earlier this year. Oh wait, they're still around? Never mind about that one then. But it feels like we need at least some soft of break from it all.

Today wouldn't be a bad day for it since it's National Drink Beer Day. In almost feels well-deserved at this point. And there's definitely some reasons besides just that to have a few drinks. One big reason is all the sports going on right now. Sure, we had to wait months for sports to come back because yes, safety during a pandemic is important. But EVERYTHING sports related is on right now.

  • Football is back! Both professionally and at the collegiate level.
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs are on (given that Tampa Bay doesn't dispose of Dallas in the finals before you read this).
  • The NBA Finals are about to start up.
  • The MLB Playoffs start tomorrow (Tuesday, October 9th) and they have more teams than usual, eight in each league.
  • There's also soccer on if you're a weirdo and you like to watch that (just kidding soccer fans, you're not that weird).

Sports and a cold beer typically go hand-in-hand for someone like me, so it's a great time to have a drink while watching a game.

Another reason is Oktoberfest. Yes, bars are not packed to the level of where they once were still, nor do we necessarily want them to be due to the pandemic. But that doesn't mean you can't have a good time celebrating this festive time of year that comes every fall with Oktoberfest. It's a very fun social good time (while also social distancing, of course). And you get to try all the Oktoberfest beers from all the fantastic local breweries. Even during what looked like the apocalypse over the weekend, it was a fun Oktoberfest weekend at Black Tooth Brewery (while social distancing) and there's even more to come this fall.

It's a great time for a National Drink Beer Day to happen, and even if it's not on this particular day, it's still a good time to have one or two during the year, so cheers! Please stay safe and drink responsibly!

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