Rejoice! Beer season is upon us, friends. Let's clink all the clinks and drink all the great fall seasonal beers! That's right, you can go to your favorite source for libations and find fall beers! It's exciting, right?

Fall beer releases are the craft beer fans equivalent to Starbucks Pumpkin Spice release. I hate that comparison, too, but, I'll strap on a pair of Uggs, continue wearing plaid or flannel and pick the biggest damn pumpkin I can find if it means I get the delicious beers that I look forward to each year.

I discovered this earlier in the week as I made a trip to DT's to find a 12 pack of probably fizzy yellow beer, I wasn't looking to take in all the craft beer calories. Anyways, as I walked toward the back, I first saw a mini keg of Breckenridge's Oktoberfest. Did my eyes deceive me? It's early August and this liquid gold is already available?

I casually perused the beer case to make sure this wasn't in a six pack, or there wasn't another fun fall beer. I saw Sam Adam's had their Oktoberfest out as well, and there were some pumpkin spice beers available(not my favorite, too much spice for my taste). So, I grabbed my keg and headed up front.

I'm just happy to share this with you, so we can all enjoy something that wasn't cancelled due to 2020. The beer gods shined on us and brought us what we needed amidst everything going on.

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