Last week, Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen announced that he will not be seeking a third term in office when his seat comes open this fall.

So far, two candidates have emerged to replace Kaysen on the ballot in November.

Amy Surdam, the executive director of the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority, was the first to throw her hat in the ring.

Today, Marian Orr is expected to officially announce her candidacy after launching an exploratory committee earlier this year.

While both Surdam and Orr deserve credit for their dedication to our community, isn't about time we elected a long-haired rocker to lead our city?

That's why, today, I'm officially endorsing my colleague, KING-FM DJ and Townsquare Media Production Director "Grateful" Mike to become the next Mayor of Cheyenne.

Sure, Grateful Mike knows absolutely nothing about politics, but he does know Cheyenne.

He can rattle off a list of the bars your parents used to party at, or the time his sister Cindy worked the drive thru counter at Scottie's Hamburgers, or the last time his beloved alma mater Cheyenne Central High School won the state football title.

Grateful is a part of Cheyenne and Cheyenne is a big part of Grateful.

And, while Grateful has expressed absolutely no interest in the job, he's no stranger to civil service, having once worked as a mailman.

Grateful's experience isn't limited to just Cheyenne, either. He once followed the Grateful Dead across the country, expanding his mind and exploring new cultures all across this great country.

Grateful Mike is also an animal lover with a soft spot in his heart for chickens. As a daily commuter, he hates potholes and roundabouts. A devoted fan of the arts, he has a fond appreciation for wooden sculptures, especially bears.

Grateful will bring a fresh perspective to local politics, a common sense, community wide approach to governing.

Nobody knows Cheyenne better. Nobody loves Cheyenne more than Grateful Mike. This fall, cast your vote for a man of the people, the Capital City's native son Grateful Mike and help "Make Cheyenne Grateful Again".



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