What happened to Chuck Geiger? Our afternoon man is down at 101.9 KING FM!

Chuck's voice this morning on 106.3 Cowboy Country sounded like Andy Devine, so he's resting the 'cords while Doc, Grateful and Rob get to take over the studio.

It's a Flashback Friday! Before Chuck arrived from Alaska last December, I had been doing the afternoon shift with our 'Live at Five O'Five.' Nowadays, I'm enjoying the 7 to midnight shift, more fitting for the hours I keep, featuring the KING Concert Cut about 7:50 each night where we feature one of our favorite artists in a live performance.

If you ever have a suggestion for the KING Concert Cut or for Chuck's Five O'Clock Rock Block, let us know. You can always leave a comment or click by our picture. Since it's a Friday, we're playing some Led Zeppelin after 5 including a request for 'In The Mood,' a little solo Robert Plant for Jay who won tickets to see him at the Fillmore.

While Chuck is out leading into this holiday weekend (for some) give him a few sympathy veiws on his stories at our website.