What's your favorite toy you ever received as a Christmas gift?

Mine would have to be my Tudor NFL Electric Football Game! I had asked Santa for several years to please bring me an electric football game and finally after the third year of pleading, my wish came true.It was my most exciting Christmas ever. The game had little plastic players molded into different positions and painted with the official team colors. There were number decals so you could create the actual players on your favorite team.

When you turned the Electric Football Game on, the vibrations would make the players move around the metal field on their little stands, and you could adjust the stands so they'd move the direction you wanted. (It sounds archaic compared to today's realistic graphics on Madden's NFL video games)

My brother and I enjoyed playing the game over the years and even ordered other players in their team colors. Just the thought of that NFL Electric Football Game brings happy memories of Christmas past.

What was your favorite toy that you ever received at Christmas time?