What began as a simple question on our Facebook page unexpectedly turned into a big debate.

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We asked our listeners "Who do you think is the most famous Wyomingite in history?" and as the comments rolled in a debate began.

Can you be considered a Wyomingite if you weren't actually born in Wyoming?

We went to Dictonary.com to find out the official definition of Wyomingite, it's listed as "a native or inhabitant of Wyoming."

After a fair bit of conversation, we decided that to be a Wyomingite you did NOT have to be born here, but you DID have to have lived here at least a year.

Now that we have that settled, let's take a look at the list we came up with based on your comments.

10 Of The Most Famous Wyomingites In History

We asked our listeners to tell us who they thought was the most famous Wyomingite in History, here are the top 10 picks. NOTE: To be a Wyomingite you do NOT have to be born here, but you DO have to have lived here for at least a year.

Is there someone you think should have been mentioned?

Jackson Pollok was mentioned multiple times, but though he was born in Wyoming he only lived in Wyoming for 10 months, so we didn't think he fit our criteria for being a "Wyomingite".

I know I personally noticed that there were no Wyoming women that made this list...

If you'd like to see all of the comments on our social media post you can find them below.

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