Forget about shopping at these places on turkey day.

'Tis the holiday season! Have you started your holiday shopping. There are actually some great deals that are already taking place, so you shouldn't have to wait until Thanksgiving to get started.

And, to be honest, waiting until the day of thanks could be problematic.

Last year, we saw plenty of retailers do something that hasn't been done in a long time. They closed their doors on Thanksgiving and some even opened later on Black Friday. People weren't rushing out the door to take advantage of 1 p.m. deals on Thanksgiving and there weren't people lining up at the store at 4 a.m. the next day.

After all that last year brought, it was nice to just enjoy the holiday.

I also felt that it was nice for those employees to be home with their families on such a special day. Rather than pulling customers fighting over the same Barbie doll off of each other. Plus, it's hard to work on a holiday and feel like you're missing out. I mean, I understand that many holiday workers receive extra pay, but there's got to be a pull on your heart during the holiday season.

But I digress.

It appears that this idea of being closed on Thanksgiving has stuck, at least for 2021. Many of the same retailers that closed up shop last year will be doing the same this year.

According to, here are the brick and mortar stores that won't be open for turkey day shopping. I wouldn't be surprised if more stores made this announcement in the coming weeks.

Retailers Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2021

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