The Trolley Light Tours are set to return to Downtown Cheyenne. This is the third phase of the yearly trolley tours in Cheyenne, with the main tours covering the heritage and history of Cheyenne, then the Fright-Seeing Tours, and now the Trolley Light Tours. It's really hard to say which one is the best because they're all great and entertaining. I think the season helps.

The Trolley Light Tours will take off through Cheyenne and show the best of the best in Cheyenne holiday decorations. It's really fun to jump on the trolley and see what everyone is doing with their decorations and they have a great map set out for stops across town.

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The tours are set to kick off December 10th and run through January 2nd. This gives you plenty of time to cruise through Cheyenne's Winter Wonderland and get your eyes on some aesthetically pleasing decorations.

The ride lasts for an hour and a half with the tours starting across the street from the Wrangler building at the Downtown Depot Plaza. This event sold out quickly last year, so you'll want to jump on tickets now or as soon as you can get your fellow Fa la la la la-ers ready. It's only 15 bucks to ride, so that's a steal for how great of a time you'll have going around town and checking out Cheyenne's best version of Clark Griswald. Hopefully, I'll get there this year. You can get your tickets here. So grab yourself a cup and Christmas Cheer and get ready.

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