Apparently pretty hard, Wyoming was ranked as the worst state to drive in while it is snowing, according to Safewise.

For every 100,000 people in Wyoming, there is 1.5356% chance of you getting in a car accident in the snow.  9 total crashes occurred in 2016 due to the snow storms (major accidents), which was a low number compared to Michigan with 59 crashes in the snow resulting in 72 fatalities.

Wyoming has the second most snowfall per year at 91.4 inches, right behind New York with 123.8 inches.  Snow doesn't seem to cause as many accidents as the rain does though.  In 2016, there were 2,368 fatalities due to the rain, compared to 482 snow-related crashes.

In some of the surrounding states like Montana and Nebraska, they made the top 10 list for most dangerous states to drive in during a snow storm.

Basically, if it snows, stay in and don't leave the house.

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