In 2011, Laramie, Wyo. became "Laradise". Since the term first popped up on Urban Dictionary, it has become the town's unofficial nickname, spawning merchandise, businesses, and thousands of social media hashtags.

While the moniker was originally coined as an ironic ode to desolation and boredom, living in Laradise is now a symbol of civic pride. Instagram currently has over 14,000 posts from Laradise. Retailers market Laradise t-shirts and hats. The Coal Creek Brewery named one of their beer Laradise Extra Pale Ale. The Gryphon Theater spotlights local talent with the Laradise Music Showcase. There's even a cleaning and construction company called Laradise Services.

Still, there are some who say Laradise is a lame nickname. Tell us what you think.

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