Move over Colorado, Wyoming is now the Best Outdoor State in the USA!   In fact, Colorado didn't even make the top 5!  That's according to a recent survey by, which ranked Wyoming at the top of their list.

The survey took into account several metrics in coming to their conclusion - Land with protect area status, number of campgrounds per 10k people, consumer spending on outdoor recreation, number of trails per 10k people, air pollution, number of bike shops, outdoor participation rate, and a few others.

Colorado ranked 6th in the survey, but here are the top 5 and worst 5 Outdoor States according to

The Top 5 Outdoor State are:

  1.  Wyoming
  2.  Montana
  3.  Idaho
  4.  Alaska
  5.  North Dakota

The Worst 5 Outdoor States are:

  1.  Illinois (50th)
  2.  Texas (49th)
  3.  New Jersey (48th)
  4.  Ohio (47th)
  5.  Maryland (46th)

For more information and to see the entire list - Click Here

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