Grab some popcorn and witness a nearly perfect textbook example of how not to behave around bison at Yellowstone. A new video shows a man that hopefully learned his lesson after he was charged by one.

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Let's go through the touron checklist:

1. Get too close to wildlife? Yep.

2. Sneaking up on the animal for a fun surprise? Done.

3. Nearly get gored because of not following rules? Absolutely.

He is so fortunate that this big boy decided to just bluff charge him away instead of rolling over him with 2,000 pounds of bison fury.

Let's go over this again if you're new to Yellowstone National Park Service rules. You need to stay 25 yards away from most wildlife and 100 yards away from bears, wolves and large wildlife.

This dude may be the nicest guy ever and have the best of intentions. However, this is probably the worst possible way to approach a bison. Once again, we shake our heads in amazement and tourist season has only just begun.

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