Anyone that's ever attended the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally before knows you can, and most likely will see some crazy things while you're out there.

Usually, most of the oddities come in the form of some of the folks attending. However, on occasion, you do run into something similar to this, a man who converted a lawn mower frame and a floral couch into a bike that he rode to this year's 83rd Annual Rally.

You have no doubt heard of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle before right? Well, how about a "La-Z-Boy-Bike?" That is what Jason Lightner is calling his latest creation.

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Dakota News Now reports that Lightner got the idea to create this comfy ride while cruising Facebook marketplace one day.

Lightner said the original idea on social media was to convert a La-Z-Boy recliner into a bike. Then he had a better idea, why not attempt to transform Grandma's beautiful old floral pattern couch into a badass motoring machine?

So, that's precisely what he did.

Lightner admits his La-Z-Bike will definitely not be winning any speed races, its top cruising speed is only about seven miles per hour. But oh that ride, it's like having a couch on four wheels, wait, that's exactly what it is!

According to Dakota News Now, there were some other unconventional rides giving Lightner a little competition out at this year's rally, for instance, a jet ski bike was also spotted around Lightner's camp, along with a mini monster truck, a wheelbarrow sidecar, a bathtub trailer, and several mini bikes.

But do any of those motoring machines come with throw pillows, I think not!

Source: Dakota News Now

The 6 Types of South Dakota Drivers You Deal With Every Winter

Every year it snows in Sioux Falls. We may live in denial during the spring and summer, but it happens.

When the snow falls on the Falls, life in the city does not stop. We all still have to go to work, school, and the liquor I mean go get snacks.

When you tackle the snowy routes around town you tend to run across six types of drivers in the snow.

Dives Worth a Drive in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

Almost every small South Dakota town has a watering hole. It’s where the locals go to kick back a few brews and engage in conversation.

Some of these establishments are located in buildings almost as old as the town itself. There might be a fresh coat of paint on the walls or new vinyl on the booth seats, but the ambiance is still reminiscent of a good ol’ dive.

If you think a "dive" is all about the sketchy clientele, the smell of the Devil’s lettuce, and stale Grain Belt, you’d be wrong. Not every dive has a bad reputation.

What makes a dive, a dive?

A dive has character. Neon beer signs and local memorabilia adorn the walls.

You might find a pool table, dart board, and a few video lottery machines.

The bartender knows the regulars by name and they know what you drink.

Some dives don't even serve food except for bags of chips and pickled eggs that sit in a jar of brine on the bar.

Dives aren't fancy. You might see 70's-style wood panels on the walls and wobbly tables leveled with a folded napkin.

Finally, the bathrooms. The bathrooms in dives are in a class by themselves and could be a whole topic on its own. 

There are several small-town dives in our area with friendly faces, cheap booze with a burn, and even really good food! We use the term "dive" in the most affectionate way.

Here are some of the best and why you should go there.

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