So much has happened in the life of YouTube star and cosmetic business mogul, Jeffree Star, since he first moved to Wyoming. He's already opened up a distribution center here in the Casper area, launched a new website, and survived a horrific vehicle accident. Those are just the things the general public knows about.

In his latest video, Star gives a first personal narrative of some of things he's been dealing with behind the scenes. This ranged in everything from seeking professional help with mental health issues, losing pets, loosing the love of his life, some serious health changes and deciding to sell his California mansion and move to Wyoming full time.

Several times in the 25-minute video, you could feel the emotion in his words as Star fought back tears.

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Jeffree captioned the video with a very heartfelt message which read:

There has been so many major life changes for me this year and I'm ready to share them all with you.
It's time to address my mental health and be very transparent. I've had so many silent personal struggles, public feuds and ALOT of mental trauma. Caused by ME, my past actions and people from my past. I've had TOO MUCH loss and have been slowly healing.

It's time to also say goodbye to California for awhile.. I'm selling my giant house in LA, I've donated and sold all my clothes and I'm starting the next chapter of my life. Please listen with an open heart and mind. Thank you to everyone who has stood by me through all the success AND the ugly. I love you so much. If you are struggling with mental health issues or depression, NEVER feel ashamed to ask for help. I waited too long and I'm grateful every day for making the choice to heal.

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