When traveling to Denver this "sweet" shop points south from Cheyenne--and dang, is this the real deal!

I had to run to Denver International Airport to get my wife last night, and drove by Johnson's Corner. I thought, "We're going there on the way back."

KingFM DJ Steve Cooper told me about Johnson's when I first moved here. All he had to say was, "Cinnamon. Rolls." Apparently, they have the best in the business.

A little research on my end proved that an employee in the 50s began making them at home and bringing them into the restaurant to sell. In the 60s, a bakery was added due to the success of the cinnamon rolls.

About 15,000 rolls are made each month for customers at the restaurant and online. There are many flavors of the rolls, from Caramel to Key Lime Pie. Next time you hit the highway, make sure you visit Johnson's Corner.

And bring me back one. I got the plain this time. It was worth it.

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