A TikTok creator has sparked a theory that Kanye West is seeing Jeffree Star romantically amid the rapper's alleged divorce from wife Kim Kardashian—and social media is running with it.

In a recent viral TikTok video, a creator named Ava Louise claimed that West is currently having an affair with a "very famous male beauty guru."

"I can’t say WHO cuz [sic] he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now ... it’s his self-hatred," she captioned the video. "My source is legit ... I promise."

While she based the claim on a close personal "source," another TikTok creator named Patty Eminger added fuel to the fire in a duet video, speculating that an affair is possible considering both West and Star have been in Wyoming.

West owns a ranch there while Star expressed interest in moving to the state back in August. Star has since purchased a ranch there.

Star and West have not been photographed together and have not been linked directly. However, that fact did not stop users on social media from creating memes and even more outlandish theories regarding the pair's alleged relationship.

West and Kardashian are reportedly in the process of a divorce after nearly six years of marriage. On Tuesday (January 5), sources reported that "divorce is imminent" for the couple. Kardashian has allegedly already hired celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

The couple share four children together.

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