Last week, Kraft announced plans to release Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese in Canada and I lightly teased that the U.S. wasn't going to get any due to my personal dislike for the otherwise beloved favorite among fall flavors. I suppose that's what I get for being a pumpkin spice hater.

It seems that the demand for Kraft Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese was more than enough to convince Kraft to announce a similar limited release of the product in the U.S. to what they had already announced in Canada.

Much like Kraft is doing in Canada, they're letting up to 1000 people sign up to get their very own Kraft Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese and they're giving it away for free.

Seeing how that this is a relatively 'new' product, it's understandable why they're limiting the release just as many other brands do elsewhere with new products, such as only testing the demand in certain markets. But why not make it a permanent product to purchase, or at least for the fall season since everything pumpkin spice in the food and beverage industry seem to exist already?

Perhaps the reactions with very timely 'Schitt's Creek' gifs could be the reason why. I should add that after that fantastic show's recent performance at the Emmy's, those responses were very woke of them.

But pumpkin spice lovers, get excited if you're loving the idea of that flavor being in your mac & cheese. Just hope the limited release doesn't follow the trend of everyone else in 2020, and turns out to be a disaster. Or if you're in the minority that doesn't care for pumpkin spice on anything, much like myself, then welcome to the resistance!

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