The pumpkin spice trend has taken things to a whole new level in recent years. It didn't just stop with pumpkin spice flavored lattes or cappuccinos, it expanded into some of our other favorite beverages, and into our favorite foods and it seems that Wyoming loves it. What is happening? Is Wyoming this basic? And now there's a particular pumpkin spice flavored food that Wyoming can't stop Googling so they can either purchase it or make it.

This week we found out that Wyoming is the 11th most obsessed state in the country with pumpkin spice. Wow! I don't anyone saw that coming. As a pumpkin spice hater, it pains me just to type that. But now it seems that there's been a pumpkin spice explosion and all this time, I was hoping the craze would die down. My hopes have been crush again.

It seems that Google Trends recently found what pumpkin spice product each state Googles the most and some of the usual suspects were right there. The pumpkin spice drinks of course were most common for a cold brew or ice coffee in five states. Our neighbors in Montana and Colorado are two of them. A few other states want pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin spice hot chocolate, and even pumpkin spice margaritas. My gag reflex is about to kick in.

In Wyoming, we were one of 19 states that chose a pumpkin spiced baked good. But for the Cowboy State, it wasn't a muffin, wasn't cookies, not a cupcake or cinnamon roll. Wyoming can't stop Googling Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Enchiladas...WHAT?

I had never even heard of that, so I looked on Twitter to find out what that is exactly and here it is...


For the record, I say that because I'm horrified some amazingly delicious cheesecake looks like it's been stuffed inside a gross pumpkin spice-covered enchilada, destroying two things I love; cheesecake and enchiladas. (Insert facepalm emoji)

I understand that I'm in the overwhelmed minority when it comes to having an extreme hatred of pumpkin spice. I know people love it and you may be staring at that for the rest of the day. Or you'll spend that time figuring out how to either make that or acquire it via purchase. But there it is Wyoming, that's the pumpkin spice treat that you can't stop Googling. Enjoy, if you're into that gross stuff.

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