I have questions? I mean, I'm not one to really judge anyone on their pumpkin spice love. I mean, I was on that train when it first took off over ten years ago. Since I've greatly backed off because the quality has gone down so much that I'm not about that life anymore. I guess Oktoberfest-style beers are my new pumpkin spice replacement.

But regardless, for everything I think I know about Wyoming, it seems that more surprises pop up when I don't expect them. The website Zippia, recently did a study and found the top states that are "pumpkin spice obsessed". It makes me feel dirty seeing how high on the list Wyoming showed up. I mean, come on, we're the home of real cowboys! Not pumpkin spice and everything nice.

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They caught you with Google Trends. They found out what you Googled, and it was pumpkin spice. Come on.

This one was fairly simple. We turned to google trends to find which states see the most search traffic for pumpkin spice.

Odds are pretty good if you’re googling pumpkin spice you’re looking for recipes, beverages, and the hot gossip on when it’ll be back on a menu near you.

We opted to look at the past year (9/13/20 – 9/13/21) giving each state a full year (and year of weather conditions) to demonstrate their fervor for pumpkin spice.

Wyoming came in at number 11 in the country. That blows my mind. Montana came in at number 5 and Nebraska was number 4, so at least we're not top 10 like those states. But, still, now I'm going to pay more attention to pumpkin spice here in the Cowboy State, to see who is bringing our average down.


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