What did she think was gonna happen? There's a new video that shows a lady why decided to talk to a bull elk during rutting season. He responded the only way a bull elk could.

This happened in Estes Park, Colorado. It started with a simple "Hi". This is the elk's answer. Make sure your sound is turned up for this one.

Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides has some helpful tips about what you can expect from elk during rutting season and they point out that the bull elk bugle is one of the most common sounds you'll hear this time of year. Based on this bull's bugle, it makes me wonder if he views the tourist as a potential part of his girl group.

Visit Estes Park mentions that the elk's girls are known as a harem. They also warn that these bulls are very protective of their herd so don't even think of approaching one. This lady remaining in her car is a good idea. Whether her decision to talk to one was wise, that's another issue.

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