Grab your friends and get ready, the 15th Annual Laramie Brewfest is tomorrow. Have you gotten your tickets yet? If not, you might have to wait another year for the craft beer festival, according to a Facebook post for the event, they're almost all gone. If you were planning on being a VIP, those hopes have disappeared if you haven't already purchased them. So as Halsey once said, it's now, now, now or never.

After taking the last year off, the desire to go to the 15th year of this festival has grown, so much so, that they're almost out of tickets. This is also a fundraiser for Laramie Main Street, so that's awesome for them! I'm not saying this needs to be two weeks, but the Wyoming Brewers Festival was packed both nights, so maybe the Laramie Brewfest could do the same? It doesn't really matter to speculate, though, that's on future us.

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This year's festival is due to be epic with nearly 40 breweries lined up for our enjoyment. Laramie Brew Club will also be in attendance. There will also be musical entertainment.

The festival also said that they wont have tickets at the gate, that's going to be a big deal, because, we all love to procrastinate, other than those that bought up all the tickets. You can purchase tickets for tomorrow's event here. So get ready to put on your party pants, it's looking like we're going to have a full house for the beer festival we all missed last year.


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