Here. We. Go! I am so ready for a brewery festival. The Wyoming Brewers Festival here in Cheyenne is set for Father's Day Weekend Friday and Saturday next month, I already have my drinking pants ready for that. But, adding the long-awaited Laramie Brewfest is just a cherry on top for the resurrection of normal life in 2021.

Laramie Brewfest just announced tickets for the festival go on sale June 1st and I'm here for it. Right now, it's looking like you can get presale tickets for General admission at just 35 bucks and limited VIP tickets for 55 bucks. I don't care what the VIP tickets entail, but I want them. I want to be a VIP this year, more than any.

You can buy tickets when they go on sale Tuesday here. As a reminder, this event will happen during Jubilee Days on July 10th. This is the Saturday that you won't want to miss.

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Truth be told, by the time Laramie Brewfest rolls around, I'll be on my third Craft Beer Festival in 2021, with the Wyoming Brewers Festival coming up on June 18th and 19th. I'll also be checking out the Wellington Brewfest coming up Saturday, June 5th. I'll be very well seasoned. I'll also be able to compare all three upcoming craft beer festivals close to Southeast Wyoming until the Saratoga festival happens later this year.

If there's anything else you need to know about the upcoming Laramie Brewfest, you can find it in this post from the festival.

Don't forget, that the Laramie Brewfest is a great fundraiser for Laramie Main Street and helps them do all kinds of cool things in Downtown Laramie.

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