Laramie County Fire District #1 (LCFD) added a new vehicle to their fleet to help with off-road emergencies. They purchased a Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS Utility Vehicle (UTV).

In the press release, it states, the UTV will carry 55 gallons of water and will be able to transport people. The 4x4 capability helps the firefighters and rescue team get to places they normally weren't able to go. Fire trucks and ambulances are very big and bulky which makes them hard to maneuver and get in small places.

They expect this UTV will help with some of the rural areas. But it will be a big help for the greenways, ranches, and areas where the firetruck can not get too.

Laramie County Fire District #1 Fire Chief Darrick Mittlestadt said in the press release, “We’re excited to have increased capabilities without tearing up our larger apparatus. It’s a huge win for not only the district but the community as a whole.”

Attached to the UTV will be a fire rescue package, they carry all the necessary tools the firefighters and rescue team need. LCFD #1 wants to thank the voters of Laramie County, Laramie County Commissioners, and Laramie County Fire Chiefs Association as they all helped with the project.

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