This will either make you laugh or cry. I'm hoping for that first one. It's the word that Wyoming misspells the most when searching for stuff online and I am convinced I know why.

I saw this fun map first shared by Yahoo Sports. It's the 2022 version of Google Trends most misspelled words by each state when searching online. Note the one for us in Wyoming.

So Wyoming can't spell "autumn" correctly? I am so not surprised. The reason is simple. When my family moved to Wyoming years ago, I was told there were two seasons: Winter and Construction Season. That was proven correct. I don't think we ever really experienced what you would refer to as a real "fall" or "autumn". Ever.

Other states of note: What's up with you, Idaho? (looking for Speed Racer reruns?) Give it up, Texas. I have a lot of friends in the Lonestar State, but you'll never find normal there. Montana, your state is beautiful even if you can't spell it. Oh, and Iowa...we need to have a talk.

Thank you, Google Trends for this fun and educational moment. Now, let's have a spelling contest...

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