Would you take this over a full refund?

Life sure looks a lot different these days, doesn't it? Our daily lives were altered because of this pandemic and we're only now seeing elements of that past life make a comeback. Concerts and other live events seem to be the biggest thing in question right now. While we social distance ourselves, it certainly will be very hard to host a live show since many venues cram as many people into one space as possible. Even if you push forward with a show, there will still be people who are afraid of being around others so there's a real possibility of losing money on the production. This is why we're seeing cancellations and postponements.

For the consumer, this can mean a loss of money.

Luckily, we've seen many ticket agencies amend their refund policy to reflect our current situation. Live Nation is one of them. As of May 1, they are offering refunds for shows that are canceled due to COVID-19 and even offering money back on shows that have been postponed. Customers can request a refund withing 30 days of a new date being scheduled. Plus, if a new date has not been scheduled within 60 days, ticket holders can also seek a refund.

There is also a credit option with Live Nation.

Those holding tickets for shows that have been canceled can opt for a 150% credit with Live Nation. They're calling it the "Rock When You Are Ready" program. This is similar to making a return at a retail store and receiving store credit, rather that getting your money back. It's great if you shop frequently, but terrible if that purchase was a one-time thing. And, if we're being honest, concert tickets are not cheap. It would be nice to have that couple hundred bucks back in your pocket during these times.

However, having the ability to upgrade your ticket for a future show, doesn't sound terrible. It also doesn't sound like there is an expiration on this offer which truly gives you freedom in the future. Not to mention, you could get better seats next time around. Think about spending $200 for a decent seat. With this program you would have $300 to spend on your next Live Nation purchase which could put you that much closer to the action.

Personally, I'd prefer to have the money, but I'd like to know your opinion. Would you take the money and run? Or plan for something epic in the future?

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