I mean, we all knew that Wyoming had a special place in Garth Brooks' heart, right? He has ties to Chris Ledoux, had his son, Ned open for him at his most recent Cheyenne Frontier Days performance and he even wrote a song about the great beaches here in Cheyenne. He's one of us.

So, it should be a surprise to no one that he would sport a shirt that not only shows his love for the Cowboy State but also helps support a local business in Southeast Wyoming.

Here is the post in question, just take a closer look at the shirt he's wearing.

The fun part about that particular shirt is written in white are all the towns and communities in the state of Wyoming. How cool is that? The shirt comes from Wyoming Pride which is the sister company of Laramie Screen Printing.

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The shirt itself is so Wyoming. If you're waiting to check out the shirt for yourself, they have several different versions, obviously, the one Garth has on in the picture, but with the colder air moving in, they have some nice hoodies with the same design included. You can check them all out here.

This has to feel great for Laramie Screen Printing, you don't get much better of an endorsement for your designs or products than the greatest country performer of all-time sporting your design out of nowhere. So, shout out to Garth for giving a great small business some love and the state of Wyoming.

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