This man planned to have a calm walk at night. It almost worked until his stroll included a monster moose who was blocking his path and would not move.

NOTE: There is some VERY NSFW language in this one as this guy tries to convince the moose to get out of his way. His wife should wash his mouth out with soap when/if he gets back from this walk.

I believe this man/moose encounter happened near Anchorage. He was right to be concerned about what this moose might do to him. It appears he was no more than maybe 10 to 12 feet away from this huge guy. If the moose became aggravated and decided to charge, he would have had zero time to react.

As the Alaska Fish and Game website shares, a moose will not be aggressive toward a human unless aggravated or provoked, but you just never know. If a moose is blocking your path, they recommend you wait it out and know it might take a half hour for a moose to decide he's moving on.

This night encounter was especially dangerous as you can't see the tell-tale signs that a moose is about to attack like the hair on its back raised or if its ears are up. A moose licking its lips is also a danger sign that you're in trouble.

Fortunately, this big moose decided who would move on down the path...eventually.

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