It's not news to us in Wyoming that wildlife do what they want when they want. A driver just shared a video proving they understand this point, too. They ended up trailing a pregnant moose cow and her calf.

The lady who captured the video shared a little bit about what the holdup was:

On my way, a pregnant moose and her yearling were in the middle of the road taking their time walking in front of me. I was late for my appointment but had proof on video that it wasn’t my fault.

No, it wasn't her fault. This video is proof. We should all be so fortunate to have this kind of view while driving.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure this happened near Wasilla, Alaska.

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This pregnant moose cow led to me starting a terrifying web search for how long a moose cow pregnancy lasts. Thanks to a Game and Fish website, I learned it's around 230 days. The more you know. I also learned that moose cows have twins about every 3 years while they'll have a single calf every other year. No, I do not have plans to become a moose obstetrician anytime soon. Good news for moose everywhere.

By the way, it's not a good idea to anger an animal as large as this. With the weight of a full-grown moose, your vehicle would not have a happy ending if you made contact.

I appreciate the fact that the driver was in no hurry and allowed the moose to take their time. As we say here in Wyoming all the time, it's the world of wildlife and we are just guests.

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