Many come to Wyoming in hopes of seeing a bear. What is the right thing to do if that actually happens? It wasn't what this guy did when he stopped his car near a mama grizzly and cubs and got charged big time.

I want to first give some credit to Calvin Barrett who outed himself on Instagram. Calvin pulled his car alongside a grizzly sow with cubs and made a crucial mistake, but he admitted what he did wrong that got him charged by the bear. NOTE: Be warned that Calvin's words get a little NSFW in his status.

Calvin was very fortunate that he was in a car and could speed away. I don't think that grizzly was bluff rushing. She looked like she was planning to do damage to Calvin for posing a potential threat to her cubs. If you watched her mannerisms as he pulled alongside, she definitely appeared alarmed when one of her cubs strayed to the roadway when she immediately looked back at the car to assess whether she needed to intimidate. She did.

It's worth noting that bears are very adept at getting in vehicles so don't ever assume your safe just because there's some fiberglass doors between you and her claws. A grizzly that thinks you're a significant threat can put a hurting on you quickly. Remember this incident recorded in Yellowstone a few years ago?

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