The Metal Archives, your one-stop-shop encyclopedia for every metal band ever, is currently full of metal cats. That's right, they've replaced all of the band photos with cats decked out in metal gear.

Once you go onto the website, the possibilities are endless. You can either go through the "Bands" tab of the "Latest Additions" category, or search them up at the top of the screen. They're all cats.

Look up Slayer. It shows a Tabby cat sporting a vest with the Slayer logo on it, and its eyes look pretty devilish. The Pantera cat isn't exactly as metal as the Slayer cat, but is standing upright in a pair of overalls. Metallica cat is wearing a hoodie that says "Mewtallica."

See a gallery of 15 of the cats below, but if you really want the full effect, you'll have to visit the site and try it out yourself. This is a creative April fools prank, as opposed to writing a satirical story. Bravo, Metal Archives.

Cats are clearly all the rage yesterday. Did you see the Alice in Chains cat named Batman who went viral for walking around in a box?

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