The word "Karen" gets thrown around a lot when you think of customers torturing people working in the food service or customer service industry. We've all seen it. Someone doesn't get their way and they turn into a "Karen". But, if they're not careful, they can turn into an "Atomic Karen" like Stan's dad on South Park. That's a whole different level!

There are also people on the internet that "gasp!" are just mean for the sake of making themselves feel better. I'm sure I'll have haters on this post. Some just really like to have their opinion out there because they have a keyboard or a phone. Even if they don't totally believe what they're saying, it's out there.

Yelp is a treasure trove for reviews good and bad. If you're trying to find a place to eat, you can get a general idea of how popular a place is by its reviews or star numbers. If they have a decent rating, you might be inclined to check out their establishment.

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I will say, in doing this research, I have found that the two local, ahem, "Gentlemen's Clubs" in Cheyenne have better than you'd expect overall ratings on Yelp with both being over 3 stars. Who knew?

I've compiled some of the most outrageous and downright dumb Yelp reviews of bars in Cheyenne. I'm not even going to tell you "trigger warning" because you should know what you're about to get yourself into.

I made a point to not put the business in the listing. I also left the spelling errors from the original review. It makes you laugh more.

Most Outrageous Yelp Reviews Of Cheyenne Bars

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