Summer is fast approaching and, once again this year, thousands of drunken tourists (and a few locals) we'll be partying hard here in the Capital City.

Here's our completely subjective and totally unofficial list of the five most popular places to party 'til you puke in Cheyenne.

1. The CFD Parking Lot - For over a century, warm weather, big crowds and alcohol have combined to make Cheyenne Frontier Days one of the rowdiest parties in the country. After a big concert, especially on a weekend night, chances are you will see several people selling Buick's off this lot.

2. The Crown Bar - This downtown dive caters to a wide range of clientele, from the degenerate old drunk dude who bellied up to the bar around noon, to cowboys, bikers and young people pretending they’re at “the club”. While most of them can handle their booze, there's always that one really drunk girl whose friends will be stuck babysitting for the rest of the night.

3. Cadillac Ranch - If you’re covered in Axe body spray and you want to leer at women in their early 20’s dancing to a club banger from two years ago, this is Cheyenne's biggest 'meat market'. Eventually, you’ll be cramped into an uncomfortably close space with a group of dudes chanting “Jager, Jager, Jager”. And there’s a chance one of them might end up puking on your shoes in the parking lot.

4. The Four Winds - This neighborhood bar could easily be renamed “Three Sheets to the Wind”. Featuring a surprisingly eclectic mix of friendly young people and old timers, professional and blue collar alike. If you’re going out for a ‘drink or two’, there’s a good chance that one drink could turn into several.

5. The Lamp Lounge - If you just got off work and your goal is to be hammered by 7 p.m, this is your spot. By the time you stumble out, you’ll end up spending more money on a drunken Taco Bell run than your bar tab. And, if you stick around long enough, you might even get to witness a 'girl fight'.

(Warning, this video contains violence and profanity. NSFW)



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